Sonntag, 19. November 2017

WIP Burgundian Bombard IV

Just the remaining wooden cover and some add-ons for the base. I dont have much time for painting recently so you might have to wait some more for all the parts come together...

Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017

Rotten Factory Miniatures

Small introduction of some nice 28mm fantasy minis I discovered recently:

Rotten Factory

The Polish company offers mainly chaos themed miniatures in 28mm scale. The figures are multipart resin castings of very good quality. Obviously some of the figure designs/themes are inspired by a certain big player in the wargames industry ;-) nevertheless there are some really special  and beautiful "chaotic" characters. 

and the comparison photo - from left to right: GW plastic, RF, GW metal, RF

Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

WIP Burgundian Bombard III

The bombard itself. I shortened the woodwork a bit to make it fit on the base available. I mixed a bit of bronze into the gunmetal grey to make it stand out against the armour of the crew.

Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017

Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

WIP: More Swiss

Experimenting a bit with Simons Swiss castings of Steelfist origin (Simon, Oliver - I hope you dont mind me posting the link here - Swiss Castings)

As you can see the  Steelfist Swiss match the Perry late medieval figures very well. In the first picture you see a Perry WOTR metal knight with a Swiss head, a Swiss figure with a Perry plastic head and a Swiss figure "out of the box". The halberds are esp. nice and come gladly a bit longer than the short Perry polearms.

The second picture shows two Perry plastic figures with Steelfist Swiss arms attached. The arms have small splints and can easily be attached to the plastic bodies using a small drill and some superglue.

All in all a very good set and I am certainly hoping for more Perry late medieval "mods"! ;-)

Samstag, 30. September 2017

Freitag, 15. September 2017


1/100 plastic robot kit. I am used to built scale model kits -but this one was quite a challenge. Lots of parts and the instruction in Japanese... ;-)

Samstag, 2. September 2017

Heroes of Averland No. 1

...and the start of a small Warhammer Fantasy project, mostly old school empire troops with knights, ogres and a halfling mixed together.

Sonntag, 27. August 2017

WIP: Infinity Combined Army 2

As much as I like the Corvus Belli figures but they are SO difficult to paint, just too many details. I wanted to finish the 3 remaining Rodoks in one sitting but no way...

Mittwoch, 23. August 2017

15mm Sci Fi - Antenocitisworkshop

Received some of their new 15mm scale vehicles. I will try to incorporate them into the Halo setting.

Antenocitisworkshop 15mm GOT

the warthog

the Spider

the Karbadin APC

the Antenociti warthog next to the Halo warthog

Freitag, 18. August 2017


The Mouth of Sauron - the Mithril version which I prefer to the somewhat over-the-top movie version. I smoothed the helmet a bit and cut off some bits.

Samstag, 12. August 2017

Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

Warlord Landsknecht Box - A Short Review

The box arrived today and I just managed to built 3 figs (glue still wet) and to shoot some comparison photos.

At first glance I was impressed: The sprues look like the Perry plastic sprues, i. e. legs and torsos together in one piece but separate heads, arms and gear. The level of detail is remarkable, definitely on par with the Perry plastic figures. They have some nice add-on features like separate purses and feathers.

At second glance I noticed some issues: First, the figures are small. They are smaller than the Perry medieval/WOTR plastics. Second, the arms clothing looks a bit off. The legs have all the puffy and slashy Landsknecht style but the arms are somewhat different. Actually there is only one pair of arms on each trooper sprue that has the typical clothing style associated with Landsknechts. I am by no means an expert but to me the choice for the arms clothing appears a bit strange.

Having assembled 3 figs I just noticed two more issues: On every trooper sprue there are two torso/leg combos that look twisted, i. e. the torso is facing straight forward while the legs have been rotated by about 45° - that looks just weird. The other issue is about the arms, the shoulders are too broad. I know, its supposed to by puffy clothing but still the anatomy of the shoulders does not look quite right when attached to the body.

The next photos show a plastic Landsknechts compared to a Perry knight and to two metal Landsknechts by Pro Gloria and Foundry. The Warlord Landsknecht is slightly smaller and a touch more delicate but you still can mix them.

If you plan to mix Warlord with GW Empire troops, well, thats how it looks...  

Thats all for now. I think the box provides a good start for building a respectable Landsknecht force but it has some issues.